Guttering Solutions (old)


Gutters & Downpipes

Gutters and Downpipes are an essential part of the water management system in any home. We can help you select from an extensive range of styles that not only compliment the appearance of your home, but offer the most effective solution to collect and channel the excess water from your roof. From traditional colonial to today’s modern contemporary designs, we have a gutter profile for any home.

Half Round Gutter is manufactured in a half round shape, which is particularly suitable for Spanish, Tuscan, and modern style homes. It also has good water carrying capacity due to its wide 150mm diameter.

OG ‘Old Gothic’ Gutter is an attractive, traditional style gutter which is often seen on Victorian, Federation and older style buildings. OG Gutter is available in two different widths – 115mm, and 125mm.

VFC Gutter is a square fronted gutter that is designed to hide the ends of roof sheets and provide a stylish accessory to any home or building. The VFC gutter profile is also available in slotted form, which allows water to freely overflow the gutter during periods of high rainfall.

Installing gutters the right way

The most important objective when installing new guttering is to get the levels right. Leaving it unchanged will just reintroduce an old, underlying problem. To set the falls correctly, we remove the bead of timber under the gutter, called the Scotia. This gives us the range of movement we need to adjust the guttering along its full length. With the Scotia removed, water can no longer remain trapped behind the gutter, making it easy to detect leaks early, while eliminating the risk of wood rot. The new guttering will also have a much smoother, cleaner appearance.


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