Roof Restoration

A roof restoration is an affordable way to totally transform the appearance of your home; but it is a job for the professionals. Our team of Roof Technicians have the experience and the equipment to produce a top quality roof restoration, which we back with a 10-year guarantee on both workmanship and materials.

A roof is often more than half the visual profile of a home, so when the roof looks great so does the rest of the home. There is strong evidence that a roof restoration increases the appeal of a home to potential buyers, and also its value. If you own an older home, a roof restoration is a great opportunity to change the colour of your roof to match contemporary colours and styles. Alternatively, you may want to retain a traditional look that is in keeping with the age of your home.

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Roof Rerstoration

Tiled Roof Restoration
> Roof cleaning
> Re-bedding & pointing ridge capping
>Painting a roof (Tile membrane system)
> Energy saving coatings


Metal Roof Restoration
> Roof cleaning
> Re-seal flashing & roof penetrations
> Painting a roof (Membrane system)
> Energy saving coatings

ridge capping 220x130

Ridge Capping, Re-bedding & Pointing
> Re-bedding ridge capping
> Pointing ridge capping
> Broken Tiles
> Cracked ridge capping

Water drop1 220x130

Roof Leaks & Maintenance
> Broken tiles
> Cracked ridge capping
>Re-bedding & pointing
>Roof restoration

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