Add style and a brilliant new look with Fascia Capping

Fascia Capping is a great way to add style and a refreshing new look to tired old timber fascias.

• Protects existing timber fascias

• Covers blemishes in the existing timber fascias

• You don’t even need to paint it. Colours can be mixed and matched to complement existing surroundings, and the finish is guaranteed not to peel, fade or crack for 15 years.

Fascia Capping prior to attaching the new gutters.

Repair timber_fascia_048
Timber fascia is repaired or replaced in the sections where water leaks have caused wood rot.

Fascia attached_050
The completed repair is ready for the fascia capping to be installed,  preventing future water damage.

final result with guttering_cap
The finished result with Fascia capping and gutters installed.


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