Iron Roof Restoration Adelaide

Domestic Roof Restoration

If your roof  has faded or you’re looking for a completely new look by changing the colour, a Roof Restoration is an affordable way to make your iron roof a vibrant feature of your home once again.

The key criteria for a successful Iron Roof Restoration is a sound roof, which means no major rust issues and the sheets are fixed firmly in place and undamaged.

Surface rust can be treated as part of the preparation process, and repairs can be made by re-fixing loose sheets with Tek Screws as long as the supporting timber is undamaged.

Scribed ridge capping

Commercial Iron Roof Restoration

The large surface area of a commercial building can be a major source of conducted heat on a hot summers day, adding significantly to cooling costs if the roof surface is a dark colour that absorbs the heat, rather than reflecting it.

Research shows that energy costs can be reduced by up to 20% simply by coating the roof, air-conditioner and related ducting in a light heat reflecting colour. The air-conditioner will also run much more efficiently, resulting in maximum cooling output for a comfortable business environment on even the hottest days.

There is also less mechanical wear and tear, extending the life of your cooling system.

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