Heatproof Roofing


Heatproof Roofing – keep cool; save energy

An Utter Gutters, Heatproof Roof is our ode to the Australian sun. It provides heat reflecting and insulating properties to ensure you stay cooler and comes in a wide range of colours. Dark colours do not have to be hot colours.

Most of the heat that enters your home on a hot day is transferred through the roof into the roof cavity. As the roof cavity heats up throughout the day, heat transfers easily through the ceiling into the rooms below. This constant heat transfer is like having a gigantic heating system in your roof, which is why air-conditioning systems work so hard to combat the heat.

The suns relentless rays beat down incessantly from sunrise to sunset. Even a cool breeze provides no relief as the invisible ultraviolet and infra-red rays penetrate deeply into the solid roof surface. On a clear day, the roof surface can become so hot that it is impossible to bear your hand on it.

The most effective way to minimise this cycle of heat transfer is at the original point of entry, the roof.

Manufacturers say that homeowner’s constantly remark on how much less they use air-conditioning to keep their homes cool, with a heat-proof membrane.

The Utter Gutters’ Heatproof system

The Utter Heatproof system has been perfected over several years by industry renowned technicians such as Mark Pugh. Mark’s experience with roofing in South Australia is second-to-none. With his assistance we have established a specialised method of application which assists in reducing the temperature of roof surfaces (when compared to a standard coating).

Our 7 step process:

  1. The roof is inspected. Tiles or metal sheeting is repaired or replaced.
  2. We follow-up with a thorough high-pressure clean.
  3. Additional repairs, such as renewing ridge capping mortar are done, we use our special jig maintaining even height and straight lines.
  4. We point all capping with a flexible compound.
  5. Apply MouldRid
  6. Apply Heatproof Primerbond
  7. Apply two coats of the Heatproof Membrane of your chosen colour

For more information

For more information about our Heat Proof Coatings, please call 08 9032 6408 to speak to one of our friendly customer service team, or arrange for a trained roof technician to visit your property at a time that suits you.

*Reductions may vary depending on roof and home design, style and structure.

A typical roof


Infrared light and UV light are invisible to us but make up over 50% of the light spectrum. Absorbed infra-red light transforms into heat, warming surfaces and surrounding areas.

The Heatproof Roof Comparison


This diagram shows (above) the reduced temperature of a roof surface in comparison to a standard coating (top).

Pigment temperature differences


A greater temperature difference can be seen with standard oxides.

Typical Heatproof Roof Comparison


A Heatproof Roof can reflect up to 50% of solar heat before it penetrates your home – saving you excess cooling costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Typical Heatproof Roof

Many homes in South Australia have already benefited from our Heatproof Roof system. Metal or tiled roofs.

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