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Leaf guard: No more climbing ladders

If your home is surrounded by trees then we have a number of products to suit your situation. Gutters fitted with Leaf Stopper® or downpipes with Leaf Catchers are two very effective ways to prevent leaves from getting into your guttering system and blocking downpipes, (which cause gutters to overflow), or from flowing into rainwater tanks.

Leaf Stopper® is a revolutionary product that fits practically to any type of roof and gutter, including valleys and box gutters. The durable mesh design prevents leaves and other natural debris from blocking the gutters by creating a ‘ski slope’. This allows the leaves, gum nuts and other debris to blow or roll off, including the kids’ tennis balls! The heavy duty mesh is available in a range of colours to match and blend into your roof.


Leaf catchers:

Leaf catchers are designed to allow leaf material to drop through an opening in the gutter onto mesh, which is set at an acute angle. Leaves and twigs simply slide to the ground while clean water flows through the pipe.

Every home is different, so when it comes to deciding what type of gutter protection system will best suit you, it depends on your unique location and the level of maintenance that you can do. With our experience and industry knowledge we can inspect your property and recommend what is the most appropriate solution for you.



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