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 The visual appearance of a tiled or asbestos roof declines over time due to a build up of mould, lichens, dust and grime, including bacterially loaded bird droppings. This is not only unsightly, but if you intend to collect rainwater to use in your home, then the quality of your water may not be high enough for human consumption.

If your tiled roof appears to be in poor condition from the ground then it probably is, and it will certainly pay to get it inspected as soon as possible. At the very least, a good clean and restoration will dramatically improve the appearance and value of your home. If there is damaged to your tiled roof, there are alternative solutions to choose from;

A Tiled Roof Restoration is an affordable way to restore your tiled roof to its original glory. The roof is thoroughly cleaned, broken tiles are replaced, ridge cappings are re-pointed and the roof can be sprayed with a high quality coating that restores the appearance and durability of your roof in a colour of your choice.

If you want to take the opportunity to modernise your roof or change the appearance of your home, then it may be a good time to think about a Roof Conversion. This means removing the old tiles and replacing them with an Colorbond® roof.

An asbestos roof cannot be restored in the same way a tiled roof can, but a Roof Conversion to a metal roof is quite straight forward using the existing timber roof structure, but it is a job for the professionals as you wil discover on our Asbestos to metal Roof Conversion Page. An asbestos roof is often difficult to substitute due to the large, deep profile that typifies this style of roof, but we are able to supply a metal alternative that has the same deep profile as asbestos, retaining the same massive water carrying capacity. 

Old tiled roof

Tiles to Colorbond Roof Conversion

A tiled roof is heavy, with gravity creating a gradual but persistent downward force. It is also exposed to extreme seasonal temperatures. The combination of the two creates movement, which over time adds up to a significant shift in the position of the entire roof.

This movement forces the cement used to waterproof and fix ridge cappings to crack and break away, which means water can easily leak through the broken or missing cement. The thermal and stress forces on a tiled roof can also result in individual tiles becoming cracked, which may be difficult to see from the ground, but can cause significant water leaks.

A roof conversion to a metal roof will immediately resolve any waterproofing issues, it significantly reduces the load on the roof structure, and transforms the look of your home or commercial property.

Old corrugated asbestos roof

Asbestos to Colorbond Roof Conversion

An asbestos roof on a home or commercial building inevitably becomes unsightly after many years. It is also extremely vulnerable to cracking and breakage, and if you collect rainwater from your roof, there is always the chance that it will contain asbestos pariticles creating a potential health risk.

The good news is that an asbestos roof can be easily and safely removed and converted to an Iron roof, such as Colorbond, as long as it is done professionally and according to strict procedures.

A new metal roof will completely transform the appearance of your home, and with the large range of Colorbond colours to choose from, you can complement the style of your home perfectly.

Alternatively, you can achieve a traditional look with corrugated Zincalume, re-capturing the look of a traditonal Australian roof.


Tiles to Metal Roof Conversion

A waterproof roof (product and workmanship guaranteed)

Dramatically improve the appearance of your property

Ability to match the style and design of your home

Lighter weight of metal dramatically reduces load on roof structure

Asbestos to Metal Roof Conversion

A waterproof roof (product and workmanship guaranteed)

Eliminate asbestos related health risks

Dramatically improve the appearance of your property

Ability to match the style and design of your home

When looks really do count

You don’t need to be an architect to understand just how much impact a roof has on the overall aesthetic of a home. The sheer enormity of the roof area can exceed 50% of the visual profile of a building, influencing the style, character and even colour palette of the entire structure. When you see examples of our roof conversions, you will immediately notice just how dramatically a roof conversion improves the appearance of the property. This is an impressive sight on any home, but none more so than a large expansive roof.

Historical renovation

If you are renovating a period home then we can easily match the style and profile, offering a loyal reproduction from a bygone era. Alternatively, we can offer you a range of contemporary styles that are designed to compliment traditional home rennovations.

Colorbond® Colour Chart

Utter Gutters uses Colorbond® steel roofing because it's strong, energy smart, and tried and tested in Australian conditions. The wide range of colours makes it simple to select a colour that will compliment the age and style of your property. The comprehensive colour range includes contemporary, classic, matt, or ultra, and each has a unique palette of bold, light, dark, cool or warm. There is even a roofing range to match Colorbond® fencing colours.

Cant find the right colour for your roof ? 

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