Verandah Leaks and Maintenance

Over the years, countless homeowner’s have benefited from the addition of a verandah to their property – a covered space perfect for protecting valuable assets from the elements, while creating a year-round outdoor entertainment area.

Unfortunately, as years go by, many homeowners also discover that their wonderful waterproof investment isn’t so waterproof after all. At first, the leaks are only obvious during a heavy downpour, with unexpected trails of water streaming down the wall. As time goes by, the leaks become more and more common until eventually, there are leaks virtually every time it rains.

Where’s the water coming from?

One of the most common reasons for verandah’s leaking is the gradual deterioration of the bitumen impregnated foam, which is used to seal and waterproof the Back channel that attaches the new verandah to the existing timber fascia or wall of the house. As long as the foam remains flexible, it continues to provide a reasonable seal. Over time, the effects of extreme summer heat and contrasting winter cold cause the already compressed bitumen foam to harden and become brittle. Eventually, the seal becomes so ineffective that water can work its way past the ever deteriorating foam, carrying a gritty flow of mud and debris that accelerates the destruction of the already failing seal.

Stopping verandah water leaks for good

At Utter Gutters, we repair verandah leaks permanently using a technique that completely covers where the verandah is attached to the fascia or wall, making it impossible for water to flow anywhere but into the gutters. Called scribed apron flashing, our roofing technicians create a customised flashing that is cut and fit onsite to the unique shape and length of your verandah roof. The flashing is then screwed and sealed permanently in place. The customised flashing also runs up the fascia and under the gutters located above the verandah, making it impossible for overflowing gutters to become a source of verandah leaks and flooding. Scribed apron flashing is a professional solution to a common problem, and is actually the correct waterproofing method taught to roof plumbers at the beginning of their career. At Utter Gutters, we believe in doing the job once and doing it right, as shortcut solutions never last. A correctly installed scribed apron flashing should last the life of your verandah, giving you years of dry, covered protection and entertainment.


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