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Gutters and Downpipes are an essential part of the water management system in any home.

We can help you select from an extensive range of styles that not only compliment the appearance of your home, but offer the most effective solution to collect and channel the excess water from your roof. From traditional colonial to today’s modern contemporary designs, we have a gutter profile for any home.


Downpipes are necessary for all guttering systems as they channel the water to either rainwater tanks and reservoirs, trees and gardens or underground to the local storm water in your area. For this reason there are a variety of Downpipes profiles, materials to choose from and colours to be both practical and complimentary to your home or building. Optional Rainheads and leaf catchers help to protect your gutters and Downpipes as well as provide cleaner water.

Timber Fascias

Timber Fascias are part of the structure that guttering is usually mounted on to effectively carry the water. It is important that the timbers are in sound condition but after years of leaking and overflowing some areas may cause fascia rot and weaken the integrity of this crucial support. Utter Gutters provide many solutions to repair or replace your Timber fascias.

Fascia Capping

Fascia Capping is a great way to modernise your tired old timber fascias giving it a neat clean finish with all the benefits of Colorbond. The Colorbond wraps the fascia that is visible covering all the blemishes in your existing timber fascia. It acts as a protection from all the weather conditions and comes with the warranty and colour range of Colorbond.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

Installing gutters the right way

The most important objective when installing new guttering is to get the levels right. Leaving it unchanged will just reintroduce an old, underlying problem.

To set the falls correctly, we remove the bead of timber under the gutter, called the Scotia. This gives us the range of movement we need to adjust the guttering along its full length.

With the Scotia removed, water can no longer remain trapped behind the gutter, making it easy to detect leaks early, while eliminating the risk of wood rot. The new guttering will also have a much smoother, cleaner appearance.


Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

Quad 125 Gutter

Quad Gutter is so adaptable because of its classic form. It can blend perfectly with older style colonial and cottage homes and is also used extensively in new home construction. It is available in a wide choice of sizes and can be optioned with slots to prevent water overflow.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

Quad 115 Gutter

Quad Gutter also known as D Gutter, with it’s classic profile is suited for most styles of homes. Available in 3 widths 115mm, 125mm and 150mm for commercial applications where more capacity is needed.  It comes in a wide range of Colorbond colours as well as Zincalume and Galvanised.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

VFC Gutter

VFC Gutter has a compact, modern appearance that suits contemporary homes. It has a square front that is designed to hide the end of the roof sheets, providing a neat face to your roofing. It is available with a return at the back of the gutter for verandah attachments.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

VFC Slotted Gutter

Designed to hide the roof sheets or roof tiles from view, this Gutter has a smooth face with simple lines that will compliment any style of home from colonial to contemporary. It is available with slots to allow excess water to overflow during heavy downpours.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

OG Gutter

Stratco OG Gutter is a traditional gutter with a charismatic profile. ‘OG’ stands for ‘Old Gothic’. Its style makes it the ideal choice for use on both traditional and modern homes. OG Gutter is available in two sizes of 125mm, and 150mm, depending on your State.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

Smoothline Gutter

When attached to fascia, Smoothline Gutter has the same appearance as Half Round Gutter. However unlike Half Round Gutter, Smoothline has a flat back. Smoothline Gutter is easy to fix, easy to paint and maintain, as is economical because it uses internal brackets.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

Half Round Gutter

The appealing shape of Half Round Gutter is largely self cleaning and has a good water carrying ability due to its wide 150mm diameter. Half Round is ideal for modern homes and is also popular on industrial and office buildings because of its clean, smooth, practical shape.

Stratco Cooldek insulated panel

Edge Gutter

Edge gutter is an impressively high front gutter with generous water carrying capacities. It has a smooth and neat appearance to suit all modern, contemporary and architecturally designed homes. It has the ability to be made in a variety of sizes.

Colorbond® Colour Chart

Utter Gutters uses Colorbond® steel roofing because it's strong, energy smart, and tried and tested in Australian conditions. The wide range of colours makes it simple to select a colour that will compliment the age and style of your property. The comprehensive colour range includes contemporary, classic, matt, or ultra, and each has a unique palette of bold, light, dark, cool or warm. There is even a roofing range to match Colorbond® fencing colours.

Cant find the right colour for your roof ? 

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