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For guttering to transport water effectively, it is essential that the fascia (the timber structure that guttering is mounted on) is solid and in good condition. Unfortunately, after years of leaking or overflowing gutters, the fascia can eventually rot.

At Utter Gutters, we have developed unique repair techniques that can save you money and ensure that the fascia will be as good as new for years to come.

As long as there is no movement in the facia, we can dig out the rot in localised areas. The cavity is then reinforced with screws and then filled with quick-setting putty, creating a hard, workable surface.

If there is extensive movement in the fascia due to widespread wood rot, it will need to be replaced with treated, primed timber.

Timber rotting?

A timber fascia is the wooden structure that your guttering is mounted to. It is important that the fascia remains in good condition as it needs to be able to support the weight of the gutter even when it is full of water, such as in a downpour. If the fascia becomes weakened from wood rot, the gutter support brackets may become loose allowing the gutter to indiscriminately sag along its length, restricting the efficient flow of water.

If the fascia is left to rot the guttering will eventually become unsupported and collapse. There is also a risk that other attached structural timber, such as the ends of roof trusses, will also begin to rot. If this timber is damaged through wood rot, you could be faced with a very large repair bill and a structural risk to your entire roof.

Wood rot occurs when timber gets wet and becomes infected by a wood decaying fungus that thrives in the moist environment. The fungus spores lay dormant when the timber dries in summer, but immediately reactivate when the timber becomes wet again, perpetuating a cycle of decay year-after-year. The more the timber rots, the more easily it absorbs water.

The first signs of wood root may be little more than paint flaking away from the fascia. As the wood rot advances, the ends and lower surface of timbers will look pitted and begin breaking up as the wood rot advances. It literally looks as though it is rotting! A simple test to confirm that timber is being destroyed by wood rot is to press the point of a screwdriver onto suspect areas of timber. If it pushes easily into the timber then the wood rot is already advanced.

Rotten fascias – repair work

Timber-rotting_300_1 Timber-fixed_300-2
Repairing structural timbers is essential to prevent further timber damage and ensure a long life for your new gutters.

Rotten fascias – before

Timber_Superficial-damage Timber_Superficial-damage8
It is common to see rotting timber fascias at corner joints where the gutters meet. If the timbers are generally sound we can use this repair method to aesthetically restore the fascia.

Repaired fascia



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