Leaking and Overflowing Gutters


Leaking or overflowing gutters are a sign that something is seriously wrong with your water management system. The first thing to do is check that your downpipes are not blocked, preventing gutters from draining. Putting a running hose down the downpipe (from the top) and moving it up and down to shift blockages, will soon identify if this is your problem. Gutters that are filled up with leaf litter and sludge lose an enormous amount of their carrying capacity. Any heavy rain will quickly fill the gutter causing them to overflow. A thorough clean will soon resolve this problem. A less obvious, but common cause of overflowing gutters is guttering that has begun collapsing randomly along its length. This creates troughs along the gutter, preventing the natural streamlined flow of water, with the low points overflowing during heavy rain even if the gutter is perfectly clean.There are a number of reasons why the guttering may have begun to collapse.

The timber fascia that the gutter is mounted to may be affected by wood rot, making it weak and unable to support the weight of the gutter when it is carrying water. The gutter may also be rusting and losing its structural strength. While there may be no visible rust, the steel may be almost completely rusted through in some sections. Mounting brackets can also rust or become damaged and sag, allowing the guttering to become uneven or even twist. If your downpipes are clear and your gutters are clean, then it is very likely that your guttering will need replacing. Our technicians can identify the problem for you and advise what needs to be done to get your water management system back to full flow.


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