Outback Sunroof

The Outback Sunroof is a smart piece of engineering, which is constructed from a series of durable interlocking louvres that can be opened or closed with the touch of a remote control. The powerful electric motor silently adjusts the louvres to give you your personal choice of light or shade – from full sun to total shade – or closes to create a watertight and sun blocking verandah that looks as stylish as any fixed form of roof covering.

Outback Sunroof

Maximise ventilation
One of the big pluses of the louvred Outback Sunroof is the ability to maximise ventilation. By partially opening the roof, trapped convective heat escapes while natural breezes can circulate freely, all while continuing to enjoy full shade from the sun. Each louvre’s insulated foam core also helps to block surrounding noise and radiant heat from the sun when the roof is fully closed, providing added comfort even on the hottest day.

Automatic rain sensor
For those days when you just don’t know when it’s going to rain, but want to enjoy the sun while it’s out, the built-in rain sensor automatically closes the louvres to keep you and your guests dry, or protect your washing from getting wet. Enjoy the party and forget about spending the day nervously watching the sky; or if you are at work, your washing will be dry when you get home, regardless of the weather.

Pergola Outback Sunroof

Installation customised for your home
When your Outback Sunroof is installed, we can align the louvres in a choice of four different positions to take advantage of prevailing breezes and the orientation of the sun relative to the position of your home. This helps to maximise the comfort and flexibility of your new Outback Sunroof. The Outback Sunroof is a versatile roof that’s ideal for a range of coverings and outdoor entertainment areas such as awnings, pergolas or patios.


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