Water Damage

Abnormal water damage or presence anywhere in the home needs immediate investigation. If it’s not a plumbing problem then it is almost certainly due to either a leaking roof or overflowing gutters.

An overflowing gutter or leaking roof may not always seem the obvious source of water because it may not appear inside until well after rain has stopped. This could be because there is a slow leak, or the water pools in the ceiling putting enormous pressure on the flooded area. Sometimes you may not even see any visible water, only patches of mould that you have never seen before. Where there is mould there is moisture, and it needs to be stopped.

What happens if you do nothing?

  • The integrity of the ceiling will eventually be so compromised that it will become weak, begin to sag and eventually may even collapse.
  • Mould on ceilings or walls is a serious health risk and will only get worse.
  • Electrical wiring may be damaged and short out.
  • Plaster on brick or stonewalls will break down and fall off.
  • Internal Gyprock walls will need to be replaced.
  • Carpets will be damaged – possibly beyond repair – by moisture and mould.

All of these repairs are avoidable if you take action now.

Investigate the cause of abnormal water immediately!





Ceiling mould stain: Abnormal water anywhere in the home needs immediate investigation.

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