With summer fast approaching, it’s reassuring to know that with the flick of a switch, air-conditioning will keep our homes cool and comfortable on even the hottest days.

Of course, it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, even right up until the 1980’s, surprisingly few homes had air-conditioning. Those that did were either wealthy or had worked hard to buy what was a relatively expensive luxury.

Step a little further back in history and even wealth wasn’t enough to gain access to the comfort of air-conditioning. It wasn’t until the beginning of the 20th Century that domestic air-conditioning was even invented. It was also around the same time that electricity was only just becoming accessible to Australian homes, and even then, took decades to be widely available across the country.

Instead, Australian homeowners had learnt to use the one thing that gave relief from the relentless Australian summer heat – shade. Practical architectural solutions saw the inclusion of large verandahs, with the Bullnose verandah becoming the quintessential image of classic Australian verandah design.

The unique low profile of the Bullnose verandah kept the home’s walls and windows in shade throughout the day, providing significant relief from the suns scorching rays. Many families would also enjoy sitting outside under the noticeably cooler shade of the verandah, beginning the great Aussie tradition of outdoor entertainment.

The verandah has come a long way since our forebears first used them as a practical solution to an uncomfortable problem. Today there are many clever innovations available such as providing shade without blocking light into the home; allowing uninhibited airflow while delivering full shade; insulated panels for an even cooler space; heat reflecting paint surfaces; sensors that automatically close the verandah at the first signs of rain, and the ability to customise a design to suit any home.

Modern homeowners have come to recognise the verandah as a valuable addition that reduces energy costs, offers protection from sun damage and the pouring rain, adds style and character, and increases the value of their property.

Over the coming weeks, we will be continuing our series on verandahs and introducing you to some of the great ideas that are available to the modern home owner. Next week, we will be covering the amazing Outback Sunroof. Equipped with electronically controlled louvres, the sunroof can be opened or closed just how you want it. Let in the breeze and sunlight when the weather is fine, or close to protect you from the sun and rain, and all at your finger tips.

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