Nothing lasts forever, and gutters are no exception. Eventually the time comes when they need to be replaced, which also means choosing a gutter profile that is both functional and looks right on your home.

Prevention is better than cure

When choosing a new gutter profile, the first thing to consider is, what problems did the old gutters cause that you definitely want to prevent this time round?

Following are some common guttering problems that you never need to deal with again, and can easily be prevented with the right gutter profile.


Have the gutters always overflowed in heavy rain, even when they are clean?


The most common reason for clean but overflowing gutters is a lack of carrying capacity relative to the volume of water they are attempting to carry. A high capacity gutter will help eliminate this problem, particularly the Half Round and Smoothline profiles, which also allow the water to flow more quickly than box shaped profiles.


Is water flowing back onto your ceiling, causing flooding and water damage to your ceiling and walls?


Water damage to the interior of your home is a serious problem that needs to be stopped once and for all. A gutter with a higher capacity than the existing profile will make a big difference. An added level of protection can be achieved by installing a slotted gutter, which overflows out the front of the gutter once the water level rises to the level of the slots.


Is your home surrounded by deciduous trees, with the falling leaves and twigs blocking gutters and downpipes?


A Half Round profile is the ideal choice as it shape tends to be self-cleaning. It is also extremely easy to clean as there are no angles for debris to get caught in, and the brackets are on the outside, providing easy access to get in and clean the gutter thoroughly.


Does water collect behind the gutter, causing hidden damage to fascias and the ends of trusses?


The solution to this problem involves two steps. The first is to choose a gutter profile that has the capacity to carry the volume of water, even in heavy rain, eliminating the risk of overflow. The second step is the installation process. We begin by removing the scotia that the old gutter sat on, as it isn’t needed to support the replacement gutter, and is a notorious cause of trapped water. Any damaged timber is then repaired to prevent further damage. When the new gutter is hung, we make sure that it isn’t sealed to the facia so that water can easily flow behind the gutter without getting trapped. The final step is to make sure that joins never leak by sealing them with flexible silicon.

Creating the right look for your home

The second point to consider when selecting a gutter profile is choosing one that is going to look right on your home. If you have an older home, you may want to maintain a traditional style that is consistent with the era of the home. Conversely, a modern look may be more in keeping if you have a contemporary style home.

Following is a selection of gutter profiles with a diverse range of features and styles, giving you lots of choices for your home.

Quad Gutter

Quad Gutter is very adaptable because of its classic form. It can blend perfectly with older style colonial and cottage homes, and is also used extensively in new home construction. It is available in a wide choice of sizes and is also available with slots to prevent water overflow.


OG Gutter

Stratco OG Gutter is a traditional gutter with a charismatic profile. ‘OG’ stands for ‘Old Gothic’. Its style makes it the ideal choice for use on both traditional and modern homes.

Smoothline® Gutter

When attached to a fascia, Smoothline Gutter has the same appearance as a Half Round Gutter. However unlike Half Round Gutter, Smoothline has a flat back. Smoothline Gutter is easy to fix, is economical because it uses internal brackets, and doesn’t need painting as it is available in 20 colorbond colours or a zincalume finish.

Half Round Gutter

The appealing shape of Half Round Gutter is largely self cleaning and has a good water carrying ability due to its wide 150mm diameter. Half Round is ideal for modern homes and is also popular on industrial and office buildings because of its clean, smooth, practical shape.

VFC Gutter

The VFC Gutter has a compact, modern appearance that suits contemporary homes. It has a square front that is designed to hide the end of the roof sheets, providing a neat face to your roofing. It is available with slots to allow excess water to overflow.

VF Gutter

VF Gutter has been specifically designed for verandah and carport applications. It has an attractive square front and a unique fold at the back of the gutter that enables it to be easily secured to the roof sheeting. It is often used in industrial roofing applications as well.

Professional advice

Choosing a replacement gutter profile is an important decision, with a number of factors to consider that are unique to your home. For obligation free advice, talk to one of our Roof Technicians, whose years of experience will ensure that you choose a profile that is both functional, and looks fantastic on your home. Phone us today on1300 736 773.

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