A roof conversion is an affordable way to dramatically improve the visual appearance of your home, creating anything from a classic look to stunning contemporary styling.

The motivation for many roof restorations also often begins for very practical reasons, such as the early telltale signs of a leak, making it clear that not everything is right with your roof.

Tiled roof to metal roof conversion

One of the most common roof conversions is removing a tiled roof and replacing it with a metal one. The ability to dramatically change the appearance of the roof is a popular choice, but there are also the significant cost savings over installing a new tiled roof.

A metal roof is also substantially lighter than a tiled roof, so if the structural timbers are distorted or damaged, the repair costs are also likely to be much less.

Asbestos roof to metal roof conversion

An asbestos roof can look very unappealing after years of weathering. They are also inherently fragile and present a well known public health risk if they are damaged in any way.

Converting to a metal roof is an ideal replacement for asbestos as the load bearing specifications of the exiting roof structure will easily support a metal roof without any problems whatsoever. Aesthetically and functionally, a metal roof is also a good match for the profile of an asbestos roof. At Utter Gutters, we can install either a deep 22mm or 33mm profile in Colorbond or Zincalume.


Advantages of a metal roof

 Low maintenance

A metal roof will last years without needing any maintenance, as long it is installed correctly from day one.

 Wide choice of colours

The Colorbond range of colours offers homeowners an extensive colour pallet to choose from.  Zincalume is also available, offering  the traditional bare metal look that can look absolutely stunning in its simplicity.

Reduces load on the roof and building structures

The area and weight of a tiled roof, even on a small home, is enormous. The weight of the tiles is constantly bearing down on both the building and roof structures.

After many years, there is the potential for the building to begin showing signs of damage, such as cracking and movement, which is particularly obvious along the upper courses of bricks. The structural timbers that support the roof can also become damaged over time due to the constant load, and the effects of varying temperatures and humidity.

Reduce structural repair costs

On an older home, replacing tiles with tiles usually means significant structural repairs to the roof timbers due to the distortion and damage that has occurred over many years.

Those creaks and groans that you often hear in your roof at night are due to the small but powerful engineering forces that the roof structure is constantly exposed to. Little by little, these forces cause longitudinal and torsional loads that twist and bend the timbers, which in some cases, even result in the timbers breaking.


Things to look out for when choosing a roofing company

Rust causing Joins  

Joins are the primary cause of rust for any metal roof. It is an area where friction caused by the slight but frequent movement of a roof can eventually wear the protective coating off the steel surface completely away.

Capillary action also draws water between the joins creating a persistent area of rust causing moisture. Dust also accumulates in the joins, acting as a moisture absorbent while adding to surface friction, advancing the inevitability of rust.

At Utter Gutters, we always use full length sheets, completely eliminating joins as a potential rust risk factor.

Installation technique

Installing a metal roof is about much more that simply screwing in a few screws and hoping for the best. It requires planning to ensure that every sheet is overlapping the adjoining sheets relevant to the prevailing weather to ensure a water tight roof, even in driving rain.

The fixing materials are also important. We use class 4 Tek Screws with self sealing neoprene washers for absolute longevity. They not only provide a watertight fixing to the timber or metal frame, but last for years without ever rusting or coming loose.

Waterproofing penetrations and attachments

Creating a waterproof covering for a home that will endure the extremes of weather is paramount in any roof installation.

One of the most overlooked and highly likely areas to cause water leak problems are the areas where penetrations enter the building such as air conditioner ducting, chimney’s, vents, skylights and plumbing. Attachments to the main building, such as room extensions and verandah’s, are also a notorious cause of leaks.

Preventing this kind of leak is what separates the amateurs from true professionals. All the tradesmen on our team are highly skilled at developing customised solutions such as scribed flashings and other sealing and waterproofing techniques.

Essential step – check for a valid builders licence

A builder’s licence is important evidence that a business has the skills to carry out the work they propose to do. What many homeowners don’t know is that a builder’s licence is only issued for the specific skills of the license holder. Ask to look at the back of the builders licence to make sure that the business or individual is actually licensed to do the work they are quoting. You can check a company’s builder’s licence details quickly and easily by following the SA Government’s Consumer & Business Services link https://secure.cbs.sa.gov.au/OccLicPubReg/LicenceSearch.php. The site gives you the option to either type in a licence number, or a business or individuals name.

Don’t take a chance on a worthless warranty

It’s usually only when things go wrong that the meaning of a warranty becomes apparent. If you are not dealing with a company that backs their work with a genuine product and workmanship warranty, you could be risking paying a lot of money and having a leaking disaster on your hands without a solution in sight (or the person who did the job for that matter). Utter Gutters are a long established, proudly South Australian owned and operated business that values our reputation, honouring our commitment to quality products and workmanship,100%. With Utter Gutters, you will only ever have a qualified Roof Plumber who holds a valid Builders Licence working on your property.

Want to know more about Roof  Conversions?

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