So you’ve decided to go ahead with a new patio or verandah but not sure what roof shape or style to go with? Following are a few tips and ideas that will help you come up with the perfect solution for your home.

A key factor: the area  

 The first thing to consider is the area where your new verandah or patio is going to be built as the design, scale and any limitations to the structure will ultimately be dictated by this space.

Property boundaries; the position, shape and design of the home; other fixed structures such as retaining walls; significant trees, and even the terrain and slope of the work site all need to be considered.

The objective is to create an addition that complements the area, and ultimately creates a space that achieves your lifestyle choices.


What’s the space used for?

Most homeowners have a clear idea about how they intend to use their new verandah or patio. Factoring in how the space is going to be used will have a significant influence on the roof shape and overall design you choose.

Outdoor Living

The concept of an outdoor room is popular right around Australia, and can be a wonderful way to enjoy year round outdoor living with family and friends. The priority is comfort, which means keeping cool and maximising ventilation on a hot summer’s day.

Gabled and curved roofs will always be your best choice, as the high open structures create large shady areas away from the sun’s rays, with maximum airflow. The gabled roof offers the added options of either the insulated Cooldek, or the flexibility of the Sunroof, which can be opened and closed with the touch of a remote control (check out our blogs on both these products).


Gardeners Choice

The cooling shade of a gabled or curved roof are also good choices for gardeners who want to protect hanging or potted plants from direct sunlight. If you prefer filtered sunlight and natural rain to reach your plants, then we can even include a shade cloth patio in the design.

Basic Cover

If you just need a covered storage space, or an outdoor cooking area that is rarely used for long periods of time, then a flat roof is a practical, low cost way to create the space you need.

Multiple Choice  

Often the most practical solution is to utilise a combination of roof shapes to accommodate the multiple uses a family needs for their outdoor living space.

It’s all in the look

Adding a verandah or patio can add enormously to the overall aesthetic of your home. This is an opportunity to be creative and add your personal touch to the new addition.

Gabled Roof

A gabled roof is ideal for creating the feeling of a spectacular outdoor space that feels roomy, and is well ventilated. It can also be designed to replicate the pitch angle of existing gabled roof structures, or contrast with the horizontal profile of your home.

Curved Roof

Curved roofs are a great way to create a sense of high open spaces; blend the abstract elements of a creative garden design with the symmetry of your home; make a bold statement that contrasts existing architecture, or create a welcoming arched entry that is sure to impress.

Flat Roof

For a subtle visual statement, a flat roof is the perfect choice, combining function and simple form.

Creative Combination

Increasingly, homeowners are choosing a combination of roof shapes in their design, with stunning results in both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

A practical choice

Sometimes there are practical issues that are going to have a major influence on your choice of roof shape. For example, if you are surrounded by trees or live in a bushfire prone area, then a gabled or curved roof is going to be a natural choice to keep the roof clear of leaves and twigs.

Need ideas or a little advice?

At Utter Gutters, our experienced Roof Technicians have a wealth of creative ideas and practical solutions to help you achieve the perfect outdoor space for your home. If you would like to know more about how our team can help you make the right choice for your outdoor living space, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 736 773. There is no obligation, and your call is always welcome.

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